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Esther Cordingley Research Consultant, Manchester Office

Esther Cordingley Research Consultant, Manchester Office

Consultancy always appealed to me; working in an intellectually challenging environment, with a client based focus and a high level of responsibility. A career in economic consultancy provided a way to combine my knowledge and skills from my Economics degree and work experience with my interests in economics and local and national policy.

During my time at ekosgen, I have particularly enjoyed the scope and variation of the workload as well as contributing to projects of local and national relevance, with the outputs of the work impacting upon investment and policy decisions. I am continuously learning something new with each project, which I have not found previously in my working experience. I have had the opportunity to work with a broad variety of clients including local authorities, local enterprise partnerships, government bodies, Universities and private developers.

The areas of economic development that I am particularly interested in are regeneration and local economic strategy. I have been involved in a number projects which have looked at estimating the economic benefits regeneration can bring to a local economy and identifying the need for schemes, specifically in Manchester, as well as local economic and industrial strategies drawing out key priorities for different areas. For example, I was part of the team which developed a local economic assessment for North East Lincolnshire, providing a detailed and comprehensive evidence base on which to inform the forthcoming refresh of the Economic Strategy and support future local policy decisions. For this project I gathered data and reviewed official documents under the themes of place and infrastructure to identify key messages for the area. I also helped to conduct qualitative consultations with key businesses and analysed results, drawing out key messages for economic policy in North East Lincolnshire.

Prior to working at ekosgen, I studied Economics at the University of Nottingham, which has given me many transferable skills, particularly an understanding of micro and macroeconomic conditions, research and statistical techniques and an appreciation of quantitative and qualitative data. After University, I undertook a role as a Business Analyst for Bupa where I consistently worked with a client orientated focus, managing large datasets, manipulating data and creating reports using a variety of reporting platforms and database software.

In just over six months working at ekosgen, I have been heavily involved in a number of interesting commissions, ranging from developing local economic assessments and local industrial strategies, business cases for private developers, Brexit impact assessments for local authorities and ERDF evaluations for universities.