Evidence and Research

Using research to establish a robust and credible evidence base is a critical component of effective development strategies, and planning for growth.  The economic fortunes of any area are not only dependent on the size and performance of its urban centres and key industry sectors, but also its workforce, the quality of its environment, and its capacity for new development, population and housing.  Consideration of socio-economic characteristics, skills, education and training, migration and commuter flows, and physical and digital connectivity helps us to better understand the dynamics at play.

In-depth sector and skills analysis, and a genuine understanding of current and future drivers of growth underpin all ekosgen’s work to provide the necessary evidence and research for our clients.  Our assignments routinely involve producing detailed baselines, demand and skills supply assessments, statements of economic need, economic projections by business sector and the development of alternative growth scenarios for, and alongside, our clients to inform future economic plans and statutory planning processes.

We work with LEPs, enterprise agencies, local authorities, private developers, land owners and investors to support the development planning and delivery process.  We also identify strategic implications for proposed new strategies and developments arising from our evidence.


  • Area Based Economic Assessments
  • Socio-economic Analysis
  • Economic Needs Assessments
  • Population and Employment Projections 
  • Regional Skills Assessments

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Evidence and Research
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