Social Care Workforce Planning in Scotland

ekosgen works extensively in the health and social care sector at local, regional and national levels. We were therefore very pleased to be appointed by the Scottish Government and COSLA to carry out an extensive research study examining the implications of local and national labour markets on the social care workforce. Reaching more than 9,500 social care employers and employees, the research provided  one of the largest evidence bases on the sector in Scotland, and highlighted the challenges and issues in ensuring a sustainable and skilled workforce to meet need. It demonstrated the differences between different types of labour markets, in the various sub-sectors, and between rural and urban areas. It also showed the clear need for detailed, active, up-to-date and evidence-based workforce planning for this crucial sector.

Overall social care employers believe that they will increasingly struggle to attract and retain staff with the right skills to replace those who leave, and to fuel expansion as the needs for services grow.

The report, along with a set of case studies, a separate report for Early Learning and Childcare, and a short document that considers workforce planning, can be accessed here. The research was undertaken in 2019 and so, before the Covid-19 pandemic.

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