ekosgen has secured over £60m ERDF for clients over the last 5 years – how can we help you?

Funding Challenges and Opportunities

Securing public sector support remains important to kickstart many schemes which in turn will generate significant benefits for local economies. At a time of continued constraints on both public and private sector finances, there is strong competition for public sector funding, particularly where grants (rather than loans) are available.

Presenting your project in the best possible light is therefore a high priority. ekosgen has extensive experience in writing case making papers and funding applications for a wide variety of economic development and regeneration schemes. They need to clearly outline the need to intervene, the detail of the proposed intervention, contribution to strategic objectives and the benefits to be unlocked. Most importantly, they have all gone on to secure funding for varied clients!

With Brexit on the horizon and uncertainty around the details of potential replacement Government funding, we expect a rush to secure funding through the 2014-2020 programmes.  With a new set of ERDF calls for projects recently released, now is the time to position yourself to secure support to allow projects – and wider economic ambitions – to be driven forward.  

Our Offer

Let us advise and guide you by:

  • Preparing positioning papers that will help you to both secure internal support for your propositions and alert potential funders to your plans
  • Building the evidence base to underpin interventions and make the case for support from funders
  • Drafting both outline and full ERDF application forms, plus supporting documents where required
  • Providing critical friend review and enhancement of draft applications prepared by clients
  • Attending meetings with DCLG to help clients respond to points of feedback and clarification needs, to ensure proposals are positioned as strongly as possible
  • Offering advisory services, whereby we advise on project positioning or discrete sections of the application form while the client team take the lead on application drafting

We ensure that every application:

  • Is clearly written so that someone who knows nothing about the project secures a clear understanding of the proposition (What? Why? How?) on first reading
  • Directly answers the questions asked to give appraisers the information they need to make a recommendation
  • Emphasises its contribution to the call requirements and wider Operational Programme ambitions
  • Is grounded in evidence of local need and demand to demonstrate that the project is required and will succeed
  • Outlines the benefits to be achieved through intervention – both quantified targets against ERDF indicators and wider benefits
  • Complies with ERDF regulations
  • Gives certainty around the project’s readiness to proceed and how it will be delivered on the approval of funding

Our Successes

ekosgen has secured funding for a wide range of project types in recent years. Examples of where we helped to secure ERDF funding for our clients include:

  • £23m for development of the National Graphene Institute, one of the largest awards made under the 2007-2013 programmes, on behalf of the University of Manchester.
  • £13m investment in the Manchester Metrolink network , including to enhance the Victoria Interchange and Deansgate Castlefield stop both creating a more pleasant environment for passengers and increasing operating capacity and flexibility.
  • £3m for The Sharp Project and £4m for The Space Project to create two new digital and creative workspace centres in Manchester and support the development of the digital sector and provide networking and collaboration opportunities.
  • £4m investment in the Chorley Digital Office Park, a new, prestigious office development with a unique offer to support the growth of the digital sector.
  • Investment in a range of projects led by Belfast City Council, including the Waterfront Hall project, which extended the existing conference and banqueting facilities at the centre, and secured £10m. We also helped to secure funding for the Welcome Centre – a new visitor centre and worked with the Council to develop propositions for the Forth River Innovation Centre and Northforeshore (infrastructure works to create an infrastructure resource park).
  • Almost £6m of funding secured towards the £30m Engineering Innovation Centre (alongside a successful bid for Growth Deal resources) a new state of the art facility on the UCLan Preston campus, which aims to exploit the location of the University at the centre of one of the most intense engineering and manufacturing areas in the UK and establish UCLan as a Centre of Excellence for industry and university engagement.

If you would like any more information about our offer or wish to discuss an opportunity with ekosgen, please contact Kirsten Hedland on 0845 644 3023 or kirsten.hedland@ekosgen.co.uk.