Glasgow and the Clyde Valley has a Deal worth £1.13bn over 20 years. Collectively, the Deal is to expected to leverage an additional £3.3bn of private sector investment and create 29,000 jobs across the eight Local Authorities that comprise the area. … read more

Increasing influence over government programmes for the unemployed is one aspect of the devolution offer being made to cities by George Osborne.  ekosgen has recently been appointed to evaluate the impact of the Youth Contract Extension programme in Greater Manchester. … read more

Demonstrating the impact of research is an integral component of the Research Excellence Framework (REF). In 2014 the impact of research accounted for 20% of the total REF assessment, and is likely to account for 25% in future years. … read more

Education and skills are amongst the most important parts of the UK’s long-term growth ambitions.  The jobs of the future, in all areas of the country, will need more skills and at higher levels, and it is therefore essential that the skills system equips businesses with the talent they need to succeed. … read more

This report provides the findings and presents a comprehensive account of the current profile of the co-operative sector in Glasgow, its support and development needs, and the economic and social contribution co-operatives make to the City of Glasgow. … read more

Find out more about our approach to project and programme evaluation. … read more

The 2014-2020 European Structural and Investment Fund programmes officially started on 1st January 2014, bringing funds of over €6.9 billion for investment across England.  Learn more about this programme and how our experts can help. … read more